Thalhimer University

Welcome to Thalhimer University

Thalhimer University reflects the commitment of Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer to raise the talent and knowledge levels of all associates. The University is designed to assist associates achieve their goals and to foster organizational learning.

The University curriculum has three parts.

1. A “global” General Studies section. Global training subjects include communication, construction, professional development, marketing, and technology topics. All associates regardless of their position may complete training offered in the General Studies category.

2. Four distinct “Colleges” represent our primary business lines and a College for Managers. The Colleges offer additional training selections to associates working in these specific business lines.  Classes are offered via a variety of methods including Cushman & Wakefield’s LAUNCH webinar program, Thalhimer webinars and classroom settings.  Various webinars and classroom presentations will be offered each semester.  Monthly calendars indicating the classes offered each semester will be distributed regularly.  

The four colleges are:

  • College of Brokerage
  • College of Commercial Property Management
  • College of Management
  • College of Residential Property Management

3.  The firm has several licenses that can be “reserved” by contacting Human Resources. offers thousands of various video sessions on all business topics.